What to expect the summer between year 1 and year 2 of MT

*This post was written by Susan He, a MT student in the Intermediate/Senior stream.

Many of you are probably wondering “how can I keep up with work, social life, extra-curriculars…” while the MT program runs during the summer as well. Well I am here to tell you that there will be plenty of time to soak up the sun!

Here is an approximate schedule of year 1 sessions in the MT program:

Fall term (Year 1): Mid-September to Mid-December (Mon-Thru)

Winter term (Year 1): Early January to Mid-April (Mon-Thru)

Spring “Intersession” term: Mid-May to June (Tues, Thur)

Summer term: July to Mid-August (Tues, Thur)

As you can see there will be opportunities to balance work, travel and a social life during this time. Not to mention, classes during the spring and summer run two days a week. Just like during the regular academic year, you will be taking courses with everyone in your cohort. You will be automatically enrolled in these spring/summer courses which can be any of the mandatory degree requirement courses. There are courses such as Research, electives, and practicum that will not be taken over the spring and summer.

My plans this spring/summer?

I will be taking a two-week leadership program at another university before the spring intercession, produce and direct a music video for the MT program, working as a leadership instructor for engineering camps and preparing for an executive role in the Master of Teaching Student Association! I gotta say, I can’t wait!