What is the MACSE program?

I've noticed that depending on whom I'm talking to, the MACSE program is either very well known or not known at all. When I talk to other OISE students, I often encounter lots of misconceptions or confusion surrounding my program. And so, for the next little while, I will be rolling out a series of blogs dedicated to explaining what my program does!

What does the MA CSE stand for?

Master of Arts in Child Study and Education - You will find different iterations of our name, MACSE, MA-CSE, or simply, CSE. They all mean and refer to the same program.

Is it a Master's degree?

Yes! Upon graduation, all MA CSE students will receive a Master of Arts degree. That is why all of the classes have an integral research-based component to its coursework.

How long is this program? Can you complete it on a part-time basis?

This program is a full time, two year program. It cannot be completed on a part time basis. Also, it is useful to note that there is a mandatory Summer term in between Year 1 and Year 2.

Does the program certify you to become a teacher?

Yes! People who have not heard of this program before often assume that this is a program for ECEs (Early Childhood Educators), but this IS NOT the case! The successful completion of this program lets you to apply for the OCT and become a certified teacher within Ontario.

Are you certified to teach in any stream?

Unfortunately, no. Graduate of the MA CSE are only certified to teach in the Primary/Junior stream (Kindergarten to Grade 6). This program has a child-centered philosophy, so all the classes has a specific focus. If you would like to teach at a higher grade level, you can complete an ABQ (Additional Basic Qualification) afterwards.

Do you get to do practicums?

Yes! In fact, it's actually a mandatory component of our program. During Year 1, students have 3 practicums, all for 8 weeks at a time. The placements will give students a wide sampling of experience, as the 3 practicum blocks will consist of a Kindergarten placement, a Primary placement (Grades 1-3), and a Junior placement (Grades 4-6). The timing of these placements may not necessarily be in this order, but every MA CSE student will have an opportunity to teach in all of these Grade divisions by the end of Year 1.

Where is this program located?

It's located near Spadina station (not at the OISE building). The MA CSE has a special building dedicated for us, called the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (or simply JICS for short). FUN FACT: Our school is actually connected to a REAL elementary school! So while we're on the third floor taking our master's classes, there are elementary students using the first and second floors. So much learning in one space!

Are there opportunities for research?

While there is no research paper component embedded within the program, MA CSE students are welcome to network and join a research study with a professor at OISE. There are many amazing professors who are conducting exciting studies, simply ask and you will be pointed to the right direction. Workshops and conferences are also a great place to get to know professors' research, and it will demonstrate your genuine interest.

How many students are admitted each year?

While the exact numbers vary, it is usually somewhere around 60-70. Yep, our program is very small, and it's what makes us so tight-knit and close :)

When is the deadline to apply?

The application deadline for this program is firm, and has historically always been on November 15. You can learn more about the application process here.

Do you like the program?

Yes, I do! When I first started the program, I did have some doubts because I was not yet familiar with the culture of the school or the pace of the program. But now that I've been able to reflect back on the chaos and busyness of my first year, I can genuinely say that I am grateful for all the experiences and all that I learned through MA CSE. Though the program is intensive and energy-draining, it is so worth it!