Top 5 vegetarian meals at OISE

Spring is here, practicum is over, and there are only a few weeks left of classes this semester! As much as I try to meal prep my lunches during the week, sometimes you just feel the need to go grab a bite to eat with a friend and procrastinate on your final assignments. For all you vegetarians (or those who simply want to try some vegetarian food), here’s a list of my top vegetarian meals around OISE! And trust me- these aren’t your typical tasteless-vegetarian-option-from-mediocre-chain-restaurant meals…these are good.


The Hogtown Vegan

The unChicken and Waffles with a side of collared greens and sweet potato mash. I wasn't crazy about the unChicken but the rest was fantastic.

If you’re looking for vegan comfort food, this is the place to go! Different from Fresh and Freshii, The Hogtown Vegan offers things like chilli cheese fries, chicken & waffles, and even a philly cheesesteak sandwich! My personal favourite thing to get is the Fries Supremacy which is their vegan version of a Fries Supreme from Taco Bell. They also offer brunch, desserts, and a wide selection of beverages! Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or a meat-lover, there is something for everyone here. The Hogtown Vegan has two locations - one on Bloor and one on College.



In the heart of Yorkville, Planta is another vegan restaurant which is a bit upscale but super delicious. Whether you're looking for sharing plates or your own main course, everything at Planta is flavourful and delicious. (Sadly don't have any pics of my fave salad - the Thai Noodle, or the Lettuce Wraps, as I ate them too quickly!)



Insomnia is not a vegetarian restaurant but it has many veggie options. They are open almost all day and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I suggest going for brunch because they truly serve the BEST HOME FRIES I’ve ever had. EVER. What's great about Insomnia is they also have a student discount - so bring your TCard for a sweet sweet 20 per cent off your meal!



While donuts are *technically* not considered a meal, I challenge you to live your best life and allow yourself to indulge and take your inner ten-year-old self for donuts at Bloomer’s. (Yes, they have real lunch food too. But I’m telling you to eat donuts for lunch!) They have an intense selection of flavours that are made fresh every day, from elderberry hibiscus to chocolate & peanut butter, and even jam or cream-filled donuts!



Last but not least, If you’re in a hurry and just want a good veggie burger – the Beyond Meat burger is the burger for you. It smells so similar to meat and is even juicy like a regular burger, but is made with a plant-based patty that makes your stomach happy. BE CAREFUL - do not order the regular veggie burger as it is not even half as good as the Beyond Meat burger. If they're out of the Beyond Meat burger (which often happens because they're so darn good) - just walk to the next A&W or wait until tomorrow. I promise, they're that good.

What are your favourite vegetarian meals on-campus? Comment below or email me at!