Top three study spots at OISE

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Third floor of the OISE Library

There are two types of people out there, those who can study with background noise and those who need absolute silence. If you are like me and need absolute silence, the third floor of the OISE library is for you. Plenty of large desks with outlets, as well as individual desks if you need your own space. Not studying and need a quiet place to just hangout or meditate? Not a problem, there are also individual sofa chairs tucked to the side of this floor as well!

Education Commons, third floor of the OISE building

One of the main issues with the OISE library is that it typically does not open till 8:30 a.m.. Hence, if you are a scholar, which I know you are (or else you wouldn’t be reading this), then you have no space to study when you arrive early to your 9 a.m. class. Fear not, head to the Education Commons on the third floor of the OISE building. Here, there is the Ruth Dworkin Lounge, an open study area with large desks and computers tucked to the side. Also, the computer labs on this floor are always empty at this time in the morning, so do not hesitate to walk on in there and get some work done!

Empty classrooms

Upon your first few days at OISE, you are going to notice something. It gets packed! OISE itself houses many different programs and students from various programs across the U of T campus visit OISE to study. When all the study areas begin to get full, the best thing you can do is head to a random floor and enter into an empty classroom. A lot of students don’t think to do this but it works!

Picture this. It is 12 p.m. and you just finished your Research class. You and your group members want to use this lunch period to prepare for your Fundamentals group presentation at 1 p.m. Why go and look for a study room or area? The class you just finished is now empty and is yours for the taking!

Keep striving scholar! Good luck.

- Jordan Guerrero Martinez