Resources for international students

*This post was written by Wook, a Master of Education student within the Department of Psychology and Education.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been studying in Canada as an international student. Throughout my academic adventure, I was able to experience Canadian life in four different provinces. I completed my middle school in Alberta, high school in British Columbia, undergraduate degree in Quebec, and I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in Ontario!

At this point, I am a very ‘seasoned’ international student who is familiar with Canadian school system and culture. My aim is to introduce some services that are available for international students at the University of Toronto and share some resources that can be useful for international students who are considering coming to study at OISE.

Center for International Student Experience (CIE) has various programs available for international students. CIE student advising office can help you on how to apply for study permits, work permits, and how to get a Social Insurance Number. They can also assist you with income tax process!

In addition to resources that CIE provides, the center also has a mentorship program where international students can get paired with students at the University of Toronto. Through mentorship program, mentees can have a smooth transition into Canadian culture. Another way to connect with other students at the University of Toronto is by participating in CIE language exchange program. Students would be able to interact with other students and teach them their culture and language at the same time!

At OISE, an International Transition Advisor comes in every Monday to assist international students with their concerns. International Transition Advisor can directly assist students with various problems and she can also direct students to the right resources if she is unavailable to resolve the issue. Many international students get overwhelmed when they first move to Canada. It is important to know that there are resources available for international students. Students should take advantage of these resources so they can have a positive experience at OISE!