Q&A: Corinna Lin, MA-CSE'20

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Corinna Lin, MA-CSE'20, is a first year Master of Arts in Childhood Study and Education (MA-CSE) student at OISE and a 2018-2019 Student Ambassador. In this Q&A, Lin discusses what brought her to OISE, what she aspires to accomplish by the end of her studies and her passion for teaching.


Tell us about yourself. What are you currently studying and where did you complete your undergraduate studies at previously?

I am a first year student in the Master of Arts in Childhood Study and Education(MA-CSE) program. I recently graduated from York University, after completing a double major in French Studies and History at Glendon, their bilingual campus. I am passionate about literacy and instilling a love of learning in the youth.

How did you become interested in this area of study? What were your motivations to attend OISE?

For as long as I could remember, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. After teeter-tottering between which division to teach, I knew that the Primary/Junior grades were for me after spending a year volunteering in a Grade 3/4 classroom.

Aside from the academics and reputation that is associated with OISE, I wanted to choose a school that was situated at the heart of the city. I am excited to be plugged into such an established community and to further my roots in Toronto.

Are you involved in any other volunteer or extra-curricular focused activities?

I love to promote the various museums and attractions offered within Toronto. I work closely with the Ontario Science Centre to help stimulate a love for science and curiosity among children. In the past, I was also a Panda Ambassador at the Toronto Zoo, by interacting with visitors and promoting wildlife conservation.

What do you hope to accomplish as an OISE Student Ambassador?

I want to share my experiences at OISE with everyone, and to simply document the authentic, everyday life of an OISE student.

What are your top U of T or OISE ‘life-hacks’?

As I have just started school at U of T in September, I actually do not have any (no shame)!

Even so, I know that a warm smile, a good breakfast, and my Presto card will get me a long way. I hope to discover these ‘life-hacks’ throughout the year. Ask me again in April, and I am sure I’ll have a long list by then!

What are some ways students can get involved with the OISE community? The best way to start is to be plugged in. Make sure you are on the email lists, the social media groups, and don’t be shy—just join! Whether it is the student council, the various clubs or even a job on campus, all these opportunities can be found by simply reading those emails and then actually saying ‘yes’.

As a new student, what are you looking forward to the most while at OISE?

This is going to sound super cliché, but it’s true—I am most excited about the journey that these two years have to offer.

My four years of undergrad flew by so fast and I have grown and become such a different person than who I was after graduating from high school. I am excited to see how OISE, my program, and everyone around me are going to help shape me once again. In a way, I am looking forward to the unknown, and to all the memories that I will create here.


Have any questions or comments for Corinna? Comment below, or email her at oise.ambassador@utoronto.ca