Practicum comparisons: Favourite grade?

*This post was written by Caitlin Cheung, a MT student in the Primary/Junior stream.

Now that I have completed all four mandatory practicums, I wanted to compare them for you, should any of you be thinking of which division is best suited for you. So lets get to my charts-of-experiences!




After having 4 practicums at OISE, I have to reveal my favourite grade to teach…

And can I get a drumroll please… favourite grade to teach is…

Grade 2!

I have nothing but good things to say about Grade 2! It's just an awesome grade to teach because students are eager to learn but still need to be scaffolded. Yet they are able to articulate their thoughts and contribute their opinions to whole class discussion. Students are curious and will come up with creative responses to questions. They leave with many answers but come back with more questions. They probably have experience with technology but are keen on using it in diverse ways. Grade 2 is just an awesome, energetic and adventurous grade! I was incredibly blessed to have amazing students and a supportive AT. I hope that each grade provides you challenges but more rewards.