Physical activity in the MT! (Part 2)

As promised, today I will provide you with some great ways to get physical activity in and around OISE. You shall not go unhealthy on my watch!

The Stairs

Simple, but practical, the stairs offer an excellent source of physical activity that can be built right into your daily routine. Have class on the 4th floor? Stairs! Class at 1:00 PM starting on floor 5? Stairs! At the beginning, you might feel a bit winded, which is an understatement, and that it is a hassle. However, as your progress you’ll build great cardio and it will progressively get easier. Motivate your friends to join that way you can all motivate one another to keep it going. Checkout the different art pieces scattered throughout the stairwell!


Simple once again, but you’d be surprised how many people confine themselves to the OISE building. Now in the winter I get it, obviously stay inside and enjoy the warmth. However, in the summer, what is stopping you from eating your lunch in 20 minutes and going for a walk and talk around the surrounding OISE community with some members from your cohort? Not only will you get in some great physical activity, but you will even be able to explore and find some great spots around OISE.

Physical Education Students

This one right here is a game changer. OISE students who are enrolled in the Phys-Ed teachable are trained in how to teach Phys-Ed at the University of Toronto Schools gymnasium, just a couple minutes west from OISE. Normally the Phys-Ed instructor will open the gym early for students within the class so that they can get some extra physical activity. The gymnasium has a fantastic equipment room, filled with all the sports equipment you could imagine. Basketballs, soccer balls, frisbees you name it. The instructors normally have no problem with a couple extra friends dropping by to join in on the fun. This would be an amazing way to get a great amount of heart pumping physical activity on your lunch break.

Have a friend enrolled in the Phys-Ed teachable? Even better! Ask them to introduce you to the instructor and head on over on your lunch break to have some fun through sport.

There you have it. Three practical ways to get physical activity in and around OISE. Rain, shine, snow, blizzard, frigid coldness, you now have different ways and places to improve your health!

How you feeling scholar? Don’t worry, you will be feeling even better once you get moving!

- Jordan Guerrero Martinez

Future Physical Education Teacher/Combatter of Unwellness/Gym Yoda