Parent-teacher interviews: the cherry on top to my practicum

*This post was written by Susan He, a MT student in the Intermediate/Senior stream.

With November and my first practicum behind me, I am quite sad I couldn’t stay to finish the unit. My colleagues in my cohort are also feeling the same post-practicum withdrawal and we all agreed we just can’t get enough of teaching!

Parent-teacher interviews marked the second last day of my practicum. It was the highlight of my month as a student teacher. Although I had taught a mere 6 classes to my two grade 10 classes, I had gotten to know them by name, by their voice and even by their hand-writing!

What surprised me the most was the fact that I was able to articulate at parent-teacher interviews the dynamic their child brings to the class, their strengths, their next steps. I realized how much I knew about each of my students from the short period of time that I had been in their classroom and the parents seemed to appreciate that I did not just know their child by the grade they were receiving in the class.

À bientôt practicum!