OISE's 2019 Professional Preparation Conference

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a Professional Preparation event right here at OISE. It is run annually and is a two-day affair, with guest speakers that come and give talks geared specifically towards new teachers who are getting ready to start their teaching careers.

Missed out? Don't worry, there is always next year! But in the meantime, let me give you some snippets into the event!

The days are split off into two themes: Day 1 - Professional Development; Day 2 - Career Resources.

Image Source: The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash


During the first day, there is a large number of workshops and breakout sessions on varying topics, such as mental health, occasional teaching, professional conduct & social media in schools. In addition, speakers came in on behalf of the unions (for elementary, catholic and secondary teachers). There were many different workshops happening, so much so that it's physically not possible to attend all of them! That is why attendees were strongly recommended to register online and pre-determine which workshops to go to in advance.


This day started off with a large presentation in the auditorium on AQ courses as well as a guide on how to use Apply to Education (the online system that allows you to apply to all the school boards aside from TDSB). Following that is a career fair which spans multiple floors and into OISE library. Expect to meet and talk to reps from various school boards in Ontario, across Canada, and even internationally! There were also some great tutoring companies that were around, giving us alternative job options to consider as well.

During the career fair, I was able to even take my French Language Assessment (FLA) for the YRDSB. I will know the results very soon (eeek!). It is a great place to network, ask all your burning questions, and also receive reassurance that everything will be okay.


No worries! The PPC has a digital handbook of resources, with snippets of some of the organizations that are hiring, both locally and internationally. Further along in the handbook, you will even find tips on how to write an awesome resume, as well as an extensive action-packed list of words to really beef up your writing. I highly recommend everyone to check this resource out, it is filled with golden nuggets and the best part? You can download it right onto your computer!

Best of luck everyone!