OISE Library Study Rooms

*This post was written by Caitlin Cheung, a MT student in the Primary/Junior program.

I often find myself extremely distract at my apartment, or in a coffee shop when working on assignments. I found that I was most productive when I reserved a study room at the OISE Library.

The OISE Library’s entrance is on the main floor of the OISE building. The first floor is where you find the checkout counter and tons of tables to work on. If you forgot to print off the last minute assignment, there are many computers and a printer to save your day! I know it has saved my day a couple of times. The ESE committee is building a new “seed library” at OISE! Feel free to 'check out' these seeds and grow your own plants and herbs.

A drawer of parsley seeds in the 'seed library'.

There are tons of study spaces int he OISE Library. But I prefer to reserve a study room instead! These study rooms are reserved for OISE students, staff and alumni only! They are located on the concourse level (basement) or the mezzanine level (second floor). When I study with my friends, we usually book a group room so we can work on our projects together. Some of the group study rooms have a TV monitor so you can hook up your compatible laptop and have everyone see the work.

I prefer the mezzanine study rooms because I usually study by myself and they have single rooms to accommodate it. There is an overhead light, a comfortable chair and an outlet to recharge my electronics. Each study room is locked with a key. Which is great for me since I am notorious to take many washroom or snack breaks. I can just lock up my study room, and go have my break.

I love booking a study room before my afternoon classes or in the evenings because I know that I can focus on my work and set a goal to get work done. There is a 4 hour time limit to the room, and I know I can split my time of work and breaks effectively in that time. It’s like having your own little office at OISE! You can book your study space here. I would recommend booking them in advance, although I have been lucky to get a study room the day of! They are usually booked up during peak seasons at OISE, so don’t wait to get studying!