Mid-Semester Checklist

Hello fellow students! It’s mid-semester already and many of us have got into our synchronous/asynchronous class routines, its also crunch time and it feels like the semester is already kaput. So, what can you check off your list of to-dos? What has worked well so far or how can you hit the targets in your coursework? How can you prepare for life post graduate studies? Well, here is some food for thought:

Making Priorities

I know you are probably already doing this in your graduate studies but I will reiterate it, we all have other things in our lives that take up our valuable time, but making a checklist of your priorities can really help you manage your studies and the things that matter to you. I have to say I am currently practicing what I learnt from my OISE mentor – Gorett Reis where she shared with me the three D’s which stand for Do, Drop and Delegate. In my case, I have picked up on the first two D’s to help me do my research and dropped the things that can wait or flat out be cut out of my schedule.

Focusing on your thesis

I won’t spend much time here because if you’re writing a thesis, you know you have to be on top of your game if you need a constructive guidance from your supervisor, because they tend to be busy in the middle of the semester grading students’ assignments. So, check with your supervisors often and update them on your research to get feedback as needed. It all comes down to how you manage your priorities, as a thesis is a major requirement for your degree if your program is research-based.

Preparing to enter your career

If you’re nearing the completion of your program like me, it’s a good idea to start making some bold moves. In my case, I have started sending out job applications and looking forward to career prospects. Also, utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn can help you get noticed to stand out of the crowd. Not forgetting U of T’s CLNx (Career Learning Network) can help you refine your skills through resume building and mock interviews to fast track your career journey.

Earlier, I mentioned my OISE mentor, I thought I would share with you this amazing resource because the OISE Mentorship Program is a cool way for connect with OISE Alumni working in your field of your study. So, my mentor has shared with me career, life and everything in between which has given me another dimension of how I can navigate my career after graduate school. To OISE future students, make sure to check out the mentorship program.