Mid-practicum check-in

Hello, MT students!

It’s been a while! I hope you’re all having a great placement so far! Between lesson planning, grading, extracurriculars, and completing assignments for your elective classes, I’m sure you are all getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating properly 😉

Here’s a bit of an update on my practicum so far:

I’m currently teaching a grade 10 academic math class and a grade 11 university chemistry class. I was very worried before my observation days because I saw on Pepper that my associate teacher was a chemistry and biology teacher. I am not a biologist by any means, so I was nervous I’d be up every night teaching myself the biology curriculum before the next day’s lesson.

Luckily, my associate teacher really wanted me to obtain valuable experience in my teachable subjects, so she partnered me with another teacher who has a math class. It's been a bit of a juggling act having two associate teachers in two different departments, but I'm so happy that I am getting more experience teaching math! I even incorporated my dog into one of my lessons :)

So far, I’ve been participating with the Leadership Committee at the school. The school spirit is crazy! Next week, our students are participating in Rivalry Week with another nearby school, so we’ll be missing a large chunk of students for most of the week.

I think what I’ve learned most from this placement so far is to be flexible in my teaching. From multiple snow days, to unexpected technology workshops, to Rivalry Week, I’m learning that flexibility is key and there are many ways we can catch up and continue our lessons. For example, during Rivalry Week, I’ll be teaching mini-lessons each day, recording them through a screencasting app, and posting them to the Google Classroom so the students participating in Rivalry Week can still keep up with what’s happening in class!

As busy as you must be during this hectic month, make sure you're finding even a few minutes a day for yourself. Check out Jordan's post on finding your happy place or my post on taking a break for some ideas.

How have your placements been going? If you have any questions or ideas on what to do during practicum, comment below, or email me at oise.ambassador@utoronto.ca. Whether you are loving every minute or feeling the struggle, you are halfway done this practicum! You can do it!

Stay tuned to the @OISEUofT Instagram in the next few days for a special surprise 😉

Back to lesson planning!