Memorable quotes from first year (fall edition)

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

One thing I discovered about OISE, or just teachers in general, is that everyone here loves a good quote. From classes, to placements, to student presentations, they are everywhere! Now that I've completed my first semester at OISE (yaaay!), I've compiled some of my favourite quotes from my classmates, my profs, and obviously, from the students themselves. So stop on by, read, reflect, and enjoy!


To help us frame our perspective on students and our practice...

Short and simple. It's a good reminder to all of us that even when we become teachers one day, our learning never stops!

In my behaviourial management class, I am constantly reminded that it's the children who cause the most disruptions and give the most resistance that also need the most of our love and affection!

Teachers need to empower our students to believe in themselves, so that they can truly believe that they are capable!


Being at OISE is intense. Completing a teacher's education and a graduate program is doubly intense. And teacher burn-out is a real thing. And so, to help everyone cope with our stress, my profs have given my classmates and I some wonderful reminders (and to reassure us that we are doing just fine).

We as teachers are always givers. But if we are not taking good care of ourselves, how can we give our students that attention and care?

My new theory is that the teaching field curates perfectionists. Because all my classmates (and myself included) definitely place very high standards on ourselves. Whether it's for our courses or our placements, we are always scared of letting someone down. But that's why our profs keep telling us that IT. IS. ALL. OKAY.

I think this quote speaks for itself.


We all know that our students say some of the craziest things. I honestly could have made a separate blog for this, but I decided to just leave two here...

Grade 6 English writing class: We were teaching students the importance of writing down ALL of our ideas, and encouraging them to not delete ideas, even if they don't think it's a good one. And so... a student came up with this.

Grade 4 French class: This is such a disgrace to macaron-lovers...until you let it process...and then you realize that this child is probably right. *facepalm*