Maximizing your virtual learning at OISE

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I can't believe this semester is already nearing its end and the holidays are just around the corner. Hope you all enjoyed your virtual learning experience. This has been a rather new feel for most students who joined the OISE community this academic year. So, you have almost completed your semester and have insights into virtual learning and still getting used to this new reality. Here are some techniques to guide you in maximizing your virtual learning at OISE.



You probably already know this but organization is a key component to staying on top of your studies. Mapping out your schedule at the beginning of each semester, whether with a detailed planner or calendar will help you stay organized and not scramble to look around for your reminder notes or rack your brain for what is next on your study plan. Avoid the mix up by staying organized for the synchronous classes happening in real time and others asynchronous.

Making connections

This week, Toronto entered in its second lock-down following a surge of the COVID-19 positive cases. Although, we have to stay optimistic that this will all be over with, thanks to new positive developments in vaccine trials. Back to my point of making connections, graduate life is hectic and am sure you can attest to this and making/having connections with peers can make a big difference. I find that consulting with classmates all done virtually nowadays, on your individual or group projects creates a deeper understanding of concepts. Collaborating with peers has also evolved with the current situation, I guess we as graduate students have to make the most of it.

Accessing Library materials

OISE prides itself as one of the leading academic institutions in the the world. Did you know that the OISE Library has tons of online reading texts to ease your study from home? You can access library resources remotely or ask for virtual help from the librarians, which should help make your virtual learning at OISE more supported. If you are conducting empirical research, the OISE library is equipped with software such as Covidence and NVivo and many more research tools to ease your study at OISE.

Video conferencing

Actually the correct subtitle for this section should read Zoom!!! I don't how many time I've had Synchronous Zoom seminars but it seems like the possibilities are endless. From attending my classes on zoom to Health & Wellness sessions at OISE, and everything in between, it is starting to feel like those in-person interactions I had in my first year of grad studies. There is also student Zoom for those that want to take their virtual interactions outside of class seminars. So there, you have multiple opportunities to connect with your peers for a more in-depth virtual learning experience and best wishes in your graduate studies at OISE.

Mental Health Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, include the most resilient but OISE and U of T have mental health supports for students. Check out Student Life for a list of health, wellness among other, that suit your needs. There also counselling services offered through the ORSS to support students' personal and academic success. Get the help you need because these supports are there for students use.