Introduction and why I chose OISE, UofT

*This post was written by Anna Dinissuk, a MEd student studying Developmental Psychology and Education.

Hi there! My name is Anna & I’m very excited to get to know anybody & everybody who’s going to be reading my blog posts. I look forward to chronicling & sharing my journey at OISE.


I chose OISE at the University of Toronto to do a graduate degree because I want to remain close to my support network of friends and family while taking advantage of the resources that a large university has to offer. Toronto is an amazing & vibrant city, so I figured it was in my best interest to stay in the area if I wanted to get a job here after completing a graduate degree.

Why Developmental Psychology and Education?

I chose to do an Master of Education in Developmental Psychology & Education because I’m interested in working in student services at the college or university level, helping students who may be encountering difficulty. This could range from students with disabilities, to international students, to English language learners, and/or even student parents! I chose to take a developmental approach because there isn’t much research or data on some marginalized populations as adults. There’s far more research on children, especially about language learning.

My Perspective/Philosophy

I look at this graduate degree as kind of like painting a ceramic piece. First, I don’t know much of anything or anybody. I’m something of a “blank slate”, much like this blank ceramic mug.

Eventually, I’ll gain experience and insight that will make me stand out among various other professionals. This will happen gradually, much like how I gradually put more & more colour on this once-blank mug.

At the end of my degree, I will have gained all sorts of insight & experience that will prepare me to go out & make my mark on the world! ^_^

I, like this once-plain ceramic mug, will be transformed.

The pictures of ceramics are courtesy of my trip to The Clay Room with my friend Indie, when we celebrated our getting new jobs.  I haven’t gotten the finished product back from The Clay Room yet, but I will definitely post a picture here when I do. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result, much like how I am looking forward to starting my career.