Getting involved

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Welcome back, OISE students! I hope your winter break was filled with family, friends, and food, and that you caught up on sleep from the past semester! If you’re anything like me, it’s very hard to get back into the school routine after a month of relaxation and celebration. At this time last year, I was super comfortable with my cohort and with OISE, too. I was also getting a bit restless as I hadn’t really gotten involved with any extracurricular activities or clubs; something that I spent so much of my time doing in my undergrad. But have no fear, I’m here to help you figure out how to get involved! 

Getting involved within the MT program

As an MT student, there are so many opportunities to get involved with the community. If you aren’t already a frequent Pepper checker: become one! From educational events to volunteer and employment opportunities, there are usually tons of postings each week that you can sort through and find something that you’re interested in. At the beginning of each school year, the MTSA (Master of Teaching Student Association) and ESE (Environmental & Sustainability Education) Initiative send out requests for cohort representatives for the school year. These cohort reps are the liaisons between each cohort and the MTSA or ESE leadership team. Looking for a bit more responsibility? Towards the end of the winter semester, the MTSA holds elections for executive positions that allow MT students to represent the student body in a variety of departments.

Getting involved within OISE

A bulletin board next to the 8th floor elevators.

As an OISE graduate student, you are part of the OISE Graduate Student Association. You can receive tons of notifications regarding upcoming events and ways to get involved by simply subscribing to their mailing list here. You may also receive emails regarding conferences, workshops, and events from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services – so read your emails carefully! If you don’t see anything of interest through these avenues, try taking a few minutes before class or during a break to check out the bulletin boards on each floor. They are filled with so many opportunities, you’re bound to find something you like! For more info on OISE student life and student services, click here

Getting involved within U of T

There are even more ways to get involved outside of OISE and with the larger U of T community! Not only are we part of the OISE GSA, but we are also part of the U of T School of Graduate Studies, allowing us access to the Grad Life community as well. If sports are your thing, try to join an intramural team, or create your own! The U of T Student Life site is a great place to scope out clubs and groups that you may be interested in joining.


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