Finding your happy place

It is that point in the semester. The disaster that is course assignments has arrived, and they are nothing short of here to kill your vibe, cause bad hair days and massive amounts of unneeded stress. Nevertheless, you have to do them, those kids need you! What are you going to do? Succumb to the pressure and not become a teacher? Well if that was your thought, think again Negative Nancy because my goal is to ensure that you prosper. Let's talk about finding a happy place!

This article is inspired by Bell Let's Talk day, which is coming up on January 30th, 2019. Mental health is an important thing, and sometimes life can get rough. Thus, it is critical to find and incorporate something into your day that brings you some joy. Your happy place! I have a friend who is amazing at this self-care strategy. After class I always see her taking some time to just read a book of her choice and enjoy, even in the midst of deadlines. Earlier in my university career, I use to deny myself video games during the semester because I thought they were too much of distraction. I have learned to cut back on this rule, and usually allow myself to play 30 minutes to an hour at the end of each day as a form of decompression.

I would like for you to think of your own self-care strategy. What is one thing you will do each day to bring you joy and relaxation? Will you go out for great food and drinks with friends? Enroll in a sports league? Start hitting the gym or yoga? Maybe practice some guided mediation? How about 1 Netflix episode per night? These might seem like basic and super simplistic strategies, however, when done every day they go a long way in preserving your mental health. Can't think of one? Let me help you out!

Your eyes are closed. You feel the warm heat of the sun beaming down on your body, in which you do not even worry because you bathed in sunscreen prior to. Movement of your toes splits the soft sand around your feet. Your ears are filled with the sounds of children and families laughing, along with some fun university student banter. You open your eyes to see the ocean gracefully consuming the sand a couple meters in front of you. Someone passes you a glass of Sangria and you take a glorious sip, as the light reflects off of the glass creating a beautiful red glisten. You look back to say thank you to the person who passed you this wonderful drink, in which you realize it is Thanos wearing an apron. He snaps his fingers and poof, you are back at your desk working on your assignment.

Sorry we couldn't keep the vision going friend! Now go do something that brings you joy. You deserve it scholar.

- Jordan Guerrero Martinez

Mental Health Advocate | Sorcerer of Positive Emotions | Happy Place Enjoyer