Diversity at OISE

*This post was written by Wook, a Master of Education student within the Department of Psychology and Education.

After spending almost 2 months at OISE, I finally feel like I fully adjusted to my new environment. Just like when I first moved to Montreal to pursue my Bachelor’s degree, I had no idea what my experience would be like in Toronto. I think the key factor that contributed to my smooth transition was the amazing group of people that I am surrounded by at OISE.

When I attended campus tours and open houses before I made the decision to pursue my Master’s degree at OISE, they all emphasized ‘DIVERSITY’ of their student body. After meeting so many students from different cultural and professional backgrounds, I realized that OISE actually meant it when they said they have a diverse (I mean REALLY diverse) student body. Since I decided to start the program right after my graduation, I only had some experiences in ‘real-world’ setting. Many students at OISE are current Teachers, Social Workers, Executives in public and private sectors, Early Childhood Educators, and the list goes on. This diverse group of students share their work, research and life experiences during class discussions. By having classes with people who have such a rich knowledge from various sectors of education, we get to discuss the most relevant, practical and pressing issues that the professionals are facing in the field of education. Every day I am learning from great professors at OISE as well as from my amazing peers.