All about Caitlin

*This post was written by Caitlin Cheung, a MT student in the Primary/Junior stream.

Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin, but I go by Caitee. I am in the Masters of Teaching program, studying Primary/Junior Education (Which is why my biography mimics the biography everyone wrote in elementary school).

Instead of the good old fashioned tell all, I decided to do a question and answer about my story.

1. Why did you choose OISE? And, why did you choose the Masters of Teaching program?

I chose OISE because it is the only graduate program in Ontario that offers a Masters of Teaching. I heard about OISE and the Masters of Teaching program from a guest speaker in undergrad. I was instantly infatuated with the program and I knew this institution was perfect for me. From that point on, I knew that OISE would be the key to my future success

I remember in Senior Kindergarten, daydreaming what I want to be when I grew up. As I phased out of my daydream, I became aware of my learning environment. I realized how comfortable I was in this classroom, and how amazing my teacher was. And then a peer distracted me, and I went on with my day. But this realization at an early age sparked my passion for education at an early age.

2. What is your academic background?

Making the walls of a classroom come to life with hand print elephants and tigers!

I completed my undergraduate degree at Ryerson University for Early Childhood Studies (ECS). My experience in ECS helped create a foundation for my learning here at OISE. During my time at Ryerson, I completed 4 different practicums at 4 different learning centres. I have experience working at a child care centre, an early learning centre, a kindergarten class. For my final placement I helped develop an arts program in a primary school in Cape Town, South Africa.

 3. What is your favorite children’s book?

Just a few of the books that I read over and over again

I cannot pick a favorite children’s book as I never stopped reading as a child. My favorite children’s book series however is Arthur by Marc Brown. I was an avid lover of the books, TV shows and toys. I would imagine that my family as Arthur’s family. All we were missing was a baby sister and a dog named Pal. Unfortunately my parents discouraged both missing items and stated that our family was perfect as it was.

4. Best Cheap Eat on Campus

Although it is located 10 minutes away from OISE, I have to say that El Furniture Warehouse on Bloor and Brunswick is amazing and so cheap! Everything on their food menu is $5! I literally will have the waiter or waitress line up plates for me. It does get packed as it is a small venue, but if it does, SAVE ME A SEAT! It’s the least you could do as I just revealed my best cheap eat on campus.

5. What advice would you share to potential applicants?

Put your whole heart into your work. It doesn’t matter at what phase you are in; thinking about choosing OISE (which you should be), writing the application (which is a piece of pie) or if you are already a student enrolled into a program. Your whole heart needs to show in your work. The effort you put in will be all worth it in the end. The blessing of being at OISE is the students, professors and staff are behind your back 100%. For the MT program, everyone is in the same boat in terms of workload. We all come together to support one another and seal every class with 2 wishes and a star. (2 wishes and a star is an exit strategy to help provide constructive, positive feedback).