Accessing OISE resources

Are you swamped with coursework? Feeling like December (and the end of term couldn't come any sooner?) Maybe you're constantly feeling overwhelmed and having lots of anxious thoughts about your future, your career path, or even your own wellbeing...

First of all, don't worry. It is normal. It's a stressful time of year! And remember, you're not the only one. That being said, there's also so many resources here at OISE and UofT to help support you.

General/Degree Questions? - ORSS

(OISE Registrar & Student Services; OISE building, Floor 8 Room 225)

Here is your one stop shop for general questions, and if you are ever unsure of what you need or where to go for help, this is a great place to stop by and ask.

Extra Support? - OSSC

(OISE Student Success Centre; OISE building, Floor 8 Room 202)

Maybe you need some extra help when it comes to essay writing, or perhaps you're looking for some coaching before you write your resume/cover letters, then this is the spot for you. Simply click the link above and schedule a one-on-one appointment with an advisor (online appointments are also an option)!

Mental Health & Well-being - Mindful Moments

(Weekly, Thursdays from 12:10-12:50pm; OISE building, Floor 8 Room 170)

OISE's Wellness Committee has been offering weekly Mindful Moments sessions this year, and they are open to all staff, students and faculty! If meditation is not for you, UofT also offers in-person counselling and other mental health services.

Community? - Student Associations

There is a large variety of organisations and community here at OISE, from the GSA (Graduate Students Associations), to others that are more niche, like the IEN (OISE's Indigenous Education Network), or CRÉFO (Centre de Recherche en Éducation Franco-Ontarienne).

What else? - Read your newsletters!

I personally receive lots of cool updates from both my program liaison as well as OISE, notifying me of awesome conferences, brown bag lunches, job fairs, and networking events. Though it may be tempting to simply ignore our email notifications, they are truly a great resource. Also, staying in touch via email with the resources of your own program is such a benefit. I am able to access intramurals,yoga sessions, personal resume/cover letter/interview skill workshops, and so much more!

Hope this post gives you some greater insight to the OISE community. Remember, you're not alone, we're almost through the fall semester!