About me: Susan

*This post was written by Susan He, a Master of Teaching student in the Intermediate/Senior stream.


My name is Susan and I am a first year Master of Teaching student in the Intermediate and Senior stream. My teachables are Science-General and Science-Biology. I am a busy bee interested in STEM education and methods to teach practical skills in science.

Why did you choose OISE and the Master of Teaching program?

I chose OISE because of its reputation in teacher education, the partnerships it has with school boards in the GTA, and its active research with faculties across UofT. My research interests involve bridging academic gaps between secondary and post-secondary schools as well as how STEM subjects in secondary school can better inform students about professional schools and career prospects. The MT program is unique in that it will allow me to see the inside of a science classroom and carry out a research project.

What is your academic background? 

I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology at McMaster University. I had the opportunity to TA courses in Cell and Molecular Biology, Research Methodologies in Life Sciences and Introductory Macroeconomics. My interest in curriculum design and pedagogy peaked when I had the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a novel course and along with other courses in the biology department and made recommendations for future implementation of those courses as part of my senior thesis.

Interesting things about you?

I find Ancient Egypt fascinating and it is my favorite topic to watch as a documentary. I add milk and sugar to my coffee, but not my tea. Sometimes I prefer instrumental covers of pop songs rather than the original. In my free time, I enjoy recreational ballet classes, browsing pet shops and catching up on my favorite TV shows.