5 Questions to consider when thinking of applying to OISE

Whether you stumbled along to this blog via a Google search or you are a regular visitor of this site, I have compiled a set of questions for you to consider if you are someone who is thinking of applying to OISE. During the stress of school application season, we often just focus our sights on getting accepted without stopping to consider other factors. So my advice, sit back, read this blog, and browse the OISE website to get a better taste of our school. If you're in the area, consider also attending our Master of Education Open House on February 29!

1. Do you want to continue schooling?

Maybe you are in your last year of university and are not sure what you want to do with your life. Completely understandable and I definitely feel ya. Or maybe you are hoping that an additional degree at OISE will help to advance your career. Whatever the reason, my advice is that you make sure you actually want to be in school again. The last thing you want is to be enrolled in a program that you are not sure about, and simply going through the motions of being a student, 'just because'.

2. Are you okay with a research-focused lens in your studies?

There are so many different universities and programs out there. They are all unique and cater towards different foci and perspectives. OISE is a research-intensive school and constantly strives to be globally impactful not only in education, but also socially, politically, culturally, and economically. Our programs are filled with this viewpoint, so it's an important factor to keep in mind, because that's the exact type of education you will be getting. For some, it's the perfect fit and maybe even the reason why they want to be here. But once again, OISE is not the right institution for everyone.

3. What is your philosophy on teaching and education?

I know, I know. That's such a big question. I'm basically asking, 'what do you care about?' Knowing this answer will help you pinpoint what you would ACTUALLY want to do at OISE. Once at OISE, you will no longer be here for another undergraduate degree. You will be coming in with a decent amount of flexibility to ask questions, conduct research that interests you, and investigate the nuances of your field. And so, evidently, you must come in with curiosities and thoughts because that is what will fuel your education here!

4. Did you know that there are other programs here at OISE, not just Teaching programs?

For example, did you know that OISE has a very extensive Counselling & Clinical Psychology program? There are so many enriching programs here at OISE, and some may even surprise you. Visit them here, or consider attending the upcoming Open House at the end of February this year.

5. Is OISE a good fit for you?

Lastly, I have to put this question here, just to summarize this blog. Yes, it's a great feeling when you get an admissions offer in the mail. But I strongly encourage you (if you can) to come visit our building, our campus, in person. Feel the vibe of the school and think, is this where you want to be? Given your current life circumstances, interests and priorities, is pursuing another degree what you want to do right now? And is OISE the best choice for it all?

If you have answered 'YES!' to these questions, then hesitate not, apply if you have not already done so. We'd be delighted to have you as part of our community :)